This website is just starting to grow into it’s existence. It’s an installation – carefully selected pieces of the past and thoughts about the future, attempts of showing reality and fiction; art.
I am looking for ways to contribute in friendly and respectful ways, so we that, together, we can do our best to create more equality and actual freedom. Or wonder together what that means and what that could look like.
Parts of this website are in German only. Please ask if there’s anything that you don’t understand and would like to know more about.

what are you looking for? come on in

I work visually. I speak and write.
I feel, think, ask (myself and others) and explore.
I enjoy creating spaces where we can do all or some of these things collectively.

Through work, human beings earn for themselves and their families, make a difficult world habitable, and with imagination, create some meaning from what they do and how they do it.”

David Whyte


is my small design company. I design websites, brochures, flyers, etc – pretty much whatever you need. I enjoy my work and I’m good at it too. Please see my services, portfolio and prices for more information.

If you like it here on this website, we will probably get along very well and it would be my pleasure to work for you.

Every year I offer to make a couple of websites for free for smaller groups, collectives or organizations that don’t have the means to pay for a website, but work for a good cause. Please do not be shy to get in touch if that’s you. I’d love to hear from you!

Do you need a website?

A layout for your brochure?

You have an idea, but don’t know what to do next?

Dates and Events

I sometimes speak at interesting conferences or events. I host events for TQU in Berlin. Some of my work gets shown in exhibitions every now and then. Would you like to find out when and where?

Tallinn Feminist Forum

This November I’ll be travelling to Tallinn for the Tallinn Feminist Forum to talk about TQU and transnational movements. I’m very excited and the programme looks amazing. In 2016 I opened the first exhibition of #TheGalleryProject in...

Batumi Photo Days

The ArtGora Forum and all the inspiring people I met there had quite an impact on me this year. We stay in touch through email and WhatsApp and one of the participants posted a call for submissions for the Batumi Photo Days - MirrorLand. Having worked on trees and...

A TQU show at Whose Museum Malmö

I can’t quite remember how the first contact was established. Let’s say sometime last year I received an email from Laura, telling me and Tom or Judy, my flat mate and dear friend, about the Whose Museum and asking if we were interested in curating one of...

I’d like to take you out. To explore with me. To share your art and your thoughts.

Does a website only have to go in one direction? I’d like for this website to be a playground for you and me. Please comment on posts that you see and like, that make you think or with which you disagree. Share what you have to say. Your input would be immensely valuable to me and others as well probably.

I know so little and am very happy to learn more.

On the blog you can find posts about a lot of different topics. Serene Space is about places I’ve been and encounters I’ve had. More the anthropological aspects of the blog maybe.

Possible Patterns ins explorations into, well patterns; forms, shapes and whatever else comes up. Maybe a more artistic approach.

In the press section you can find links to some interviews I gave.

Publications takes you to some books and other publications I’ve contributed to in text or pictures.

Oh and don’t forget that I also have to work for money. So if you need a website or a layout for a flyer, etc – or know someone who does – please send me a message or send them my way!

Written by Verena

October 16, 2019

Audre Lorde

Still looking for freedom?

A podcast on freedom.

What is freedom? Is freedom the same for me as it is for you? Can we be free if not all of us are free?

I wanted to find out more. After reading into philosophical and religious concepts of freedom I found myself getting more confused and distracted than actually gaining a clearer understanding of the word or the concept.

So I decided to ask my friends for help. I wrote to over 200 of my facebook friends and asked them to record a short voice message about freedom. 27 people responded and you will be able to listen to what they said in an upcoming podcast that will be released as part of Reflecting Europe in December.

from the blog


ArtGora Forum Riga

ArtGora Forum Riga

Workshop: Queer Art? At:  ArtGora Forum Riga ◼︎ 10.-12.04.2019 In this Queer Art Workshop we will be taking a look at the following topic: POCs*, Queers* and other people facing oppression have always been on the forefront of cultural movements. Oppression...

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A Window To The World

A Window To The World

Last year I got invited to show one of my photographs in the two year exhibition 'A Window To The World' at Altes Spital Viechtach and then Bahnhof Kötzting, two concert places in two little towns in the Southeast of Germany. A Window To The World - The premise...

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The blog is full of photos, places, events and other wonderful things to explore, taste, feel, see and try out. Come on in and take a look around.

The current project I’m working on is all about freedom. But there’s also explorations into the past, such as the former radio show balm&creak or MOM a queer feminist zine from Berlin.

some THINGS lovely PEOPLE have SAID

Thank you very much for including me in the project. Congratulations for it too, it is a great idea and I appreciate the work you're doing which is of great importance for us artists.

Suriani, #TheGalleryProject

Kurz möchte ich euch für euren wöchentlichen Lichtblick sowohl in der Radio-, als auch in der Musikwelt danken.

Johann, balm&creak

Was hat dir besonders gut am Kurs gefallen? Die offene und lockere Atmosphäre.

Lisa, Siebdruckkurs

Der Siebdruckworkshop war super. Ich wurde bei jedem Prozess gut begleitet. Ich hatte Spaß und der Kurs war so aufgebaut, dass ich gut das gelernte zu hause umsetzten kann. Das war mein größter Wunsch. Vielen vielen Dank an Verena, Sie hat das super gemacht. Kann ich nur weiter empfehlen!!!

Lulu, Siebdruckkurs



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