Hi, I’m Verena Spilker, a Berlin based artist, web and media designer, creative workshop tutor and much more. I like exploring patterns in nature and nurture, and I’m happy to take you on these explorations with me. You can find insturction for d.i.y projects as well as other things handmade and trips into unknown areas of all sorts. There’s also links to workshops I’m giving, other people and projects who do important work to make the world better place and some of my drawings and photos. I hope you enjoy the content and don’t forget to say hi yourself and to tell me what you’re doing!


Eintägiger Linoldruckkurs – entwerfen, schneiden und drucken!

Nächster Termin: 27.07.19 // 15-19h

Kosten: € 40 – 60


Eintägiger Buchbindekurs – fertige dein eigenes Buch an!

Nächster Termin: 13.07.19 // 15-19h

Kosten: € 40 – 60


Eintägiger Siebdruckkurs – vom Rahmen bis zum Druck. Alles selbstgemacht!

Nächster Termin: 29.06.19 // 15-19h

Kosten: € 40 – 60

Upcoming events:

Talk: Identity in Germany

April 18th, 2019 || NY University, Berlin ▲▼▲ How has LGBTQ+ identity evolved in Germany over the years? What is the current status of the community in respect…

Workshop: Queer Art?

April 11th, 2019 || ArtGora Forum Riga ▲▼▲ What can art/culture/activism do for the queer community and vice versa? And how can we do it best?

Recently finished design commissions:

Recommended places to submit your work to:

Photo Competition: Climate Change

Topic: Photo Competition – Climate Change. What? TQU accepts submissions in two categories: observation & action. Submissions can be single photos or photo series. Deadline:…

TQU: Shifting Traditions

From the website: You do not live in the same environment that you were born into. Your surroundings have changed, your body has changed, the…