Last year, after successfully putting on five exhibitions for #TheGalleryProject, I decided that TQU was grown up enough to start hosting a monthly event in Berlin. I talked to the lovely people of FAQ Infoladen and they kindly agreed to let TQU join their collective.

As part of the collective we are now able to host events at FAQ, which has been super fun so far. The event series is called TQU-Tresen and events usually take place on the last Friday of the month. The very first event was a talk with Rurru Mipanocha, who took us on a journey to meet her wonderfully drawn creatures that build a bridge between pre-colombian traditions and today’s queer feminist perspectives. We also hosted a short film night in October with films made by people that had already participated in other TQU projects.

I liked the idea of the Short Film Nights quite a bit, because it is a very effective way to juxtapose different views and realities of queerness, which is something that is the drive for all TQU events and the website in general.

Very much in the spirit of: our differences are what make us stronger as a community, because through our different lived experience we can create a possibility for exchange, while still touching common ground through the familiarities that connects us.

So I sent out a call for short films and to my surprise we received more than 700 submissions. It was so hard to pick films to show and very sad for a lot of films that I really would have liked to screen, but that didn’t quite fit in any of the nights.

All together we will have five Short Film Nights this year, one, with the title Happy Endings, took place in February already, and the next film night coming up in April will screen films around the topic of Inbetween.

Visit Transnational Queer Underground to see the programme.

TQU Tresen: 26.4.2019 & every last Friday of the month
At:  FAQ Laden: Antisexistischer Infoladen Neukölln, Jonasstraße 40, 12053 Berlin, Germany
From: 7pm to midnight
smoke free during the screening
wheelchair accessible
donations welcome

Cover photo by unsplash-logoKT