Radiosendung balm&creak

Did you know that I was a radio DJ for the last 15 years? My friend Jana and I started a radio show in our first year of college. Every week for one hour we would play new music, interview bands, or have them come for live gigs into our studio. The show was called balm&creak and we had a really good time broadcasting it live.

We had an unspoken rule that at least 50% of the music we played had to be fronted by women or queer people. We never mentioned that on the show, because we wanted to make it seem normal, even when it wasn’t.

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The radio station was in Göttingen, a little college town in Germany’s midwest. I moved away from there in 2004, but I continued with the radio show, co-hosting it with different friends. First from Leipzig, then from Berlin.

I stayed with the radio show for all this time because I didn’t see enough women or openly queer people in radio shows in Germany. I thought and I still think it is important to be there, to represent and to hopefully inspire others. When I started I was sure we’d be redundant in a couple of years. But we weren’t.

I was waiting for the new kids that move to Göttingen to attend university there to politely kick us out, the same way the station made other people leave in order to make space for new voices like ours when we first started. I really hoped that our talk about equality and women in music would bore people eventually. It didn’t.

With TQU taking up more of my free time, I decided to switch mediums, which is why our last shows aired in December 2017. I still hope some queer kids in Göttingen will miss us enough to start their own show, but who knows.

In the meantime you can do some time travelling and take a look into the past. <3

balm&creak: Balsam&Krachen, leise&laut, wohlfühlen&aufrütteln – für das und vor allem für die Liebe zur Musik mit Herz und Kopf stand balm&creak für fast 16 Jahre.

Als Livesendung in Göttingen nahm balm&creak 2002 ihren Anfang mit Jana und Verena als Moderatorinnen und zog dann über Leipzig (featuring Jan H.) nach Berlin, von wo aus Mareike und Verena euch einmal die Woche mit ihren liebsten neuen Platten bekannt machten.

Dabei hatten sie keinerlei Schwierigkeiten, in einer Playlist sowohl Deutschpunk als auch Singer/Songwriter-Balladen und die neuste queere Elektroband unterzubringen. Und wenn es grade keine nennenswerten Neuvorstellungen gab, dann wurden Themensendungen gespielt.

Langweilig war es bei balm&creak deshalb nie, höchstens manchmal etwas verwirrend. Pop und Politik liefen hier Hand in Hand, was aber nicht heißt, dass wir nicht auch mal unsere heimlichen, peinlichen Pop-Lieblinge spielten und sehr viel Spaß damit hatten. Interviews gab es natürlich auch.

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balm&creak was a one hour radio show at Stadtradio Göttingen, the local public radio station in the beautiful town of Göttingen. It’s been broadcasted there and in its surrounding areas, lately also over the internet, once a week for almost 16 years.

Verena and Jana founded balm&creak in May 2002. When Verena moved to Leipzig Jan and Jana continued with the show. Then Jan moved to Leipzig as well and Verena and Jan continued to produce the radio show in Leipzig.

From 2009 to 2017 Mareike and Verena have been recording the radio show together in Berlin. It was on every Wednesdays from 7-8pm.

Some artists/bands I interviewed over the years:

Adrien Leavitt | Architecture in Helsinki | Belle & Sebastian | bell’s roar | Big Thief | Cable Car Theory | Casiotone for the Painfully Alone | Chokebore | David and the Citizens | Flaming Lips | Fireside | Fiery Furnaces | Former Ghosts | Four Tet | Frank Spilker/Die Sterne | Girls Rock Japan | Health | Helgi Jonsson | Herman Dune | Hidden Cameras | Ignatz Höch | Jay Brannan | Jef Barbara | Jona | Juba Kalamka/Deep Dick Collective | Kaia Wilson | Ken | Kevin Devine | Khaela Maricich | Knarf Rellöm | Koufax | Kumbia Queers | Lacrosse | Lesbians On Ecstasy | Lorien | Malajube | Maria Tayor | Maritime | MEN | Moldy Peaches | Mull Historical Society | Múm | Onelinedrawing | Perfume Genius | Puppetmastaz | Rhythm King and her Friends | Schnipo Schranke | Scott Matthew | Skiing | The Blow | The Libertiens | Tune Yards | Verity/ Electrelane | Vice Cooler | Voxtrot | Warpaint | Xiu Xiu | Zola Jesus