Manchmal fragen mich Menschen was zu ihren Projekten beizusteuern. Illustrationen, Fotografien oder Texte.

Manchmal veröffentliche ich auch selbst Sachen.

Hier findest du ein paar Projekte an denen ich mitgewirkt habe.

Neue Termine

Ich freue mich immer über Einladungen zu spannenden Projekten oder interessanten Konferenzen.

Hier findest du ein paar Veranstaltungen, bei denen ich in nächster Zeit sprechen oder ausstellen werde.

Adventskalender basteln

24.11.2019 // 10 bis 14h

Wissmannstr. 20, 12049 Berlin

€ 20,- pro Person // 8 Plätze
– jetzt schnell Platz reservieren!

Tallinn Feminist Forum

This November I'll be travelling to Tallinn for the Tallinn Feminist Forum to talk about TQU and transnational movements. I'm very excited and the programme looks amazing. In 2016 I opened the first exhibition of #TheGalleryProject in Tallinn, which was very exciting...

Batumi Photo Days

The ArtGora Forum and all the inspiring people I met there had quite an impact on me this year. We stay in touch through email and WhatsApp and one of the participants posted a call for submissions for the Batumi Photo Days - MirrorLand. Having worked on trees and...

A TQU show at Whose Museum Malmö

I can’t quite remember how the first contact was established. Let’s say sometime last year I received an email from Laura, telling me and Tom or Judy, my flat mate and dear friend, about the Whose Museum and asking if we were interested in curating one of five...

ArtGora Forum Riga

Workshop: Queer Art? At:  ArtGora Forum Riga ◼︎ 10.-12.04.2019 In this Queer Art Workshop we will be taking a look at the following topic: POCs*, Queers* and other people facing oppression have always been on the forefront of cultural movements. Oppression...

Ausstellung: Zeichnungen / Verbindungen

June 14th, 2019 || Frauen*NachtCafé, Berlin, Neukölln ▲▼▲ Vernissage ab 19h

TQU Short Film Night: In Between

April 26th, 2019 || FAQ Infoladen – Berlin, Neukölln ▲▼▲ Inbetween the country and the city, traditions and revolution, your family and yourself – where do you go and what do you do? Ten short films explore these questions and ask you: where do you stand?

Talk: Identity in Germany

April 18th, 2019 || NY University, Berlin ▲▼▲ How has LGBTQ+ identity evolved in Germany over the years? What is the current status of the community in respect to societal perception?

A Window To The World

June 1-30th, 2018 || Altes Spital Viechtach, Germany ▲▼▲ „A Window To The World“ – One picture that represents the work and wold of one photographer will be exhibited for one month each in two places in the South of Germany.

#TheGalleryProject N°5

25. März – 6. April 2018
ReTramp, Berlin ▲▼▲
Für zwei Wochen werden ab dem 24.03.2018 Zeichnungen, Drucke, Fotografien, Comics, Collagen und Installationen von 47 queeren Künstler_innen aus 27 Ländern zu sehen sein.

#TheGalleryProject N°4

1. November – 6. Dezember 2017
Club Patra, Prague ▲▼▲
The exhibition was part of the lovely Mezipatra Queer Film Festival.

#TheGalleryProject N°3

20. – 24. September, 2017
Biro + Hotel Centreville, Podgorica ▲▼▲
Die Ausstellung war Teil der ERA Konferenz und des Pride in Podgorica, Montenegro.

#TheGalleryProject N°2

9. – 18. Juni, 2017
Yalta Art Room, Sofia ▲▼▲
Die Ausstellung war Teil der Pride Art Week in Sofia.

#TheGalleryProject N°1

10. – 24. März, 2017
Raamatupood Puänt ▲▼▲
Die Ausstellung war Teil des Ladyfest Tallinn.



There was a night where me and a couple of friends met in one of our houses and we all made collages and had some drinks. And a really lovely time. The collages I made somehow ended up becoming a bit of a story, about patriarchy, horses and drugs. Or something else?...

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Ein paar besondere vergangene Events

Ausstellung + Talk

Whose Museum Malmö/Schweden


Identity in Germany




Batumi Photodays


Artgora Forum Riga/Lettland


A Window to the World

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