I’ve been meaning to take up drawing again for a while now, but I find it difficult to allow myself the time for fun things sometimes.

I haven’t really been drawing since high school. A birthday card here and there, but I really wanted to gain a little more confidence. And also to play around with lines and structures.

So when my lovely friend and flatmate Tom Moore asked me to join #inktober, I figured that there’s no better time to start drawing on a more regular basis than now.

I decided to just do black and white, because I wanted to explore freedom and variety within limitations and also because otherwise I could just switch to something else when I find what I’m doing is too boring. This way it feels like in order to entertain myself and others I really need to work a bit harder and get out of my comfort zone to keep it interesting.

So here we go. If you want to – let me know what you think: