Welcome. This is the page for Tobby and Izabella and their journey through time and places. If you would like to see them travel to specific places or meet your favorite people, or would like a picture of you with one or both of them, you can leave a comment below.

Just to get their cute faces out there and to learn new things every week. I’m already excited where this is gonna take us!

This is a #photocollage project with my two dogs, Tobby and Izabella, in which they will visit important places of #history and #pop #culture. It’s mostly for fun and because I think they are cute.

But I would also like to try something other than all the typical instagram dogs (or their people) where everything looks white, or pastel and people need to have money and so much time to take them to important places or photograph them in beautiful settings.

We only need a computer.

But I want to give you the chance to get involved as well.

Tell me who your favorite artists is, a historical event from your region that people should know about or a landscape that needs saving and I’ll take them there. Just leave a comment below.

xxx – so excited!

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