Make Out Magazine is a queer feminist zine from Berlin.
It was founded in 2011 by Dana, Joey, Verena and Zoé. This is its archive.

MOM #2 Heidi Release Party

Apr 8, 2020 | mom

Soon little lambs will jump over green meadows again and Heidi will let her skirt blow in the wind, because MOMs 2nd issue is published!

  This time the main topic is – how could it be anything else: Heidi. To prepare you for your easter holidays in a decent manner and to present you the new issue, we organized a small reading with Michael Zander from ak mob and other authors. Plus we will show the movie „Die Heide ruft – Sexualbegleitung für Menschen mit Beeinträchtigungen“. Afterwards pea dd & don shizo will smooth you hearts with lovely tunes. *reading from MOM#2 with Michael Zander (ak mob) u.a. *movie „Die Heide ruft – Sexualbegleitung für Menschen mit Beeinträchtigungen“ *music by pea dd & don shizo when: 30.3.2013 19:00 where: faq infoladen, jonasstr. 40, 12053 berlin we’d be happy to see you there!