Make Out Magazine is a queer feminist zine from Berlin.
It was founded in 2011 by Dana, Joey, Verena and Zoé. This is its archive.

Dirt – Make Out Magazine #3

Apr 7, 2020 | mom

Queer feminist Zine: MOM #3 – DIRT issue

We are happy to announce the publication of the 3rd issue of Make Out Magazine, a queer feminist zine, published in Berlin, with contributions written in both English and German. Make Out Magazine – for us, that means: locking lips, letting sexy sparks fly, igniting new ideas, developing concepts, questioning social structures and comprehending the world. Make Out Magazine – also known as MOM – doesn’t strive to condescendingly point fingers like a traditional heteronormative mother, but rather gleefully stick them in that place where it squeaks really nice. So we can say it with a clear conscience: Listen to your MOM! MOM #3 – dirt issue was published in the summer of 2015. Inside its pages, you’ll find dark room stenches, messages from the beyond, how to make Bloody Marys from menstrual blood, souvenirs from love affairs, sexy comics, and much more. We printed 500 issues and the first 200 issues come with a lovely poster folded as it’s cover. There’s only about half left, so be quick to get your copy! The magazine with poster and sticker costs € 4,- without the poster € 2,50. You can order the magazine online at the Transnational Queer Underground Shop: and in some selected stores in Germany. Contributions by: Tom Moore, Tine Fetz, Sol Undurraga, Nami Nakano, Myrtille Picaud, Louise Trueheart, Leon Phonnyx, Kevin Junk, Jane Flett, Eva Müller, Denis Zehra Tavli, Chikiss, Cris Olano, Corinna Pichl, Calvin Gimpelevich und Atlanta Athens. Layout: Adria Chilcote Editor: Verena Spilker    




– ein Kommentar zur Definition von Dreck von Deniz Zehra Tavli


– a short story by Jane Flett


– Kurzgeschichte Von Kevin Junk


– a comic by Eva Müller


– a short story by Corinna Pichl


– by Myrtille Picaud


– by Louise Trueheart


– by Chikiss


– by Calvin Gimpelevich


– by Atlanta Athens

Henna made these amazing stickers for MOM!
You get one with every copy of MOM that you buy!

Poster for MOM #3 by Nami/Girls Rock Japan!
You get one with every special edition copy of MOM that you buy!

make out magazine – THE END

Dear Readers,

At the end of 2010, Dana, Joey, Zoé and I met for the first time to start Make Out Magazine. Four years later and after some changes in the team, it looked like DIRT, the third and last MOM issue, would never get finished. We had all of the articles but no functioning team anymore.

Therefore I would like to thank all those who checked in to see how things were going, offered help and helped out so that MOM #3 could have a happy ending. I especially want to thank Adria, who did the layout, Michael and Renaud, who encouraged me to go on with the zine and Jane, who helped organizing the party. But also thanks to all of you who contributed with articles, illustrations, proof reading and mental support.

Now we can proudly present you some thrilling texts!

Atlanta writes about the emancipation from gender roles and Calvin about problems trans* people face in american prisons. Galya Chikiss talks about transcending political borders with music in an interview and brings us some Russian pop and underground music on the mixtape she made for MOM. Go to to listen to it and also find out more about her Finish-Russian punk band for kids.

Text and illustrations related to the theme DIRT make up the rest of the magazine. Louise and Myrtille give some different approaches to dealing with menstruation and Corinna’s story is so captivating that you might miss your train stop reading it and Eva’s comic takes a look at a dirty fantasy. Experience a smelly sex date with Kevin and collect some out of the ordinary souvenirs of a summer love with Jane. In Deniz’s commentary dirt is deconstructed into the tiniest particles.

The illustrations that were drawn for each story are amazing, take a look for yourselves! I was especially happy about the collaboration with Nami from Japan, which came about through Ritzuku, a mutual friend who was visiting Berlin at that time. Nami made the illustration for Jane’s Dirt story and since we liked it so much, she agreed to draw a picture for the poster that covers this zine as well. Alongside all of this, Jane’s story was translated into Japanese and published as a zine for Girls Rock Japan. You can find out more about that on our website as well.

Hope you enjoy reading!




Bubblegum Party mix by Chikiss