Music has always played a big role in my life. My grandma played and tried to teach me and my brother all kinds of instruments. I never quite followed through with any of them though.

Later, as a teenager, music seemed to hold my life together and gave me a sense of belonging. And while I was waiting to finally finish school and leave my home – it promised me the world.

Then I worked in a record shop in Göttingen, started djing, my own radio show, wrote about music and was really happy to interview and see shows of so many amazing artists over the years.

Today I still dj as DJ very serious and I have just founded my own label V-Recs.


V-Recs is an independent record label founded October 24th, 2018 in Berlin.

V-Recs is open to all musical styles and likes music that questions genres and whatever is going on around you.

dj very serious

I’ve been djing since 2002 and my dj name is very serious. What’s even better is that you can book to dj at your private, soli- or even corporate event 🙂

radio show balm&creak

Did you know that I was a radio DJ for the last 15 years? My friend Jana and I started a radio show in our first year of college. Every week for one hour we would play new music, interview bands, or have them come for live gigs into our studio. The show was called balm&creak and we had a really good time…