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Welcome to my website! – I am a translator for the language combinations English – German and French – German, focusing on texts on all aspects of technical products and software (see also my Subject areas). I will translate your website, product brochure, press release, user manual, online help or software interface carefully and within deadline, exactly to your specifications.

Translation is a demanding activity that you should not entrust to just anyone. You have already invested time and money in producing your source text and you now require a reliable supplier who you can trust for one of the final stages of your project. You are not only making the translator responsible for your document but also for your company’s image.

Translation of documents from English and French into German. If you do business with customers in German-speaking countries, it is very helpful to be able to speak to them directly in their own language. This helps to bridge the gap that often otherwise exists between business partners from different language areas. In certain cases, you will also be obliged to include information in German, if you want to sell a product in Germany. A professional translation will help you to avoid warranty claims and make a positive impression on your business partners and customers, as your documents have a decisive impact on your company’s image..

Terminology work. By using consistent company terminology you will ensure that your documents will be understood. Your customer will know straightaway what is meant, if you always use the same designation to refer to an item. The use of standard terminology is recommended right from the outset when drafting the original document. I will be able to help you here by producing terminology lists that can be monolingual or bilingual and of differing complexity dependent upon your requirements.

Proofreading. Four eyes are always better than two. Therefore you should consider having a second translator proofread your document. This will remove any final errors and awkward wording to provide you with a word-perfect document ready for publication. This is why I work together with colleagues who offer the same language pairs as me. You will receive the fully translated and proofread document directly from me without having to engage a second translator separately.


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