Serious Dork Deeds

Serious Dork Deeds is the label for a my artistic and crafty products and classes.

From early age on I loved making things and could easily get lost in detail. I especially loved making tiny things.

I made dresses for dolls and soon also my own dolls and teddy bears, created my own little worlds, while at the same time helping my Dad to build an actual house, learning about fixing electricity lines, taking live drawing classes or making new furniture out of found materials.

I left High School with a major in visual art, developed my own photos for years and can’t remember a time where I wasn’t excited about creating something new or trying out a new technique.

And I really like sharing this enthusiasm. There’s so many things you can create and make without needing fancy equipment or too much prior knowledge.

Upcoming classes:

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These are a few things I’ve been working on recently: