Diese Webseite befindet sich gerade im Aufbau. Ich habe viele Texte und Fotos von Reisen und Momenten die ich hier nach und nach einfügen möchte. Aus der Vergangenheit, Gegenwart und auch in Zukunft. Realer Raum ist eine von mehreren Kategorien, die langsam wachsen werden. Warum Realer Raum? In der Kunst steht realer Raum für die Idee, die Umgebung als Teil des Werks mit einzubeziehen. Die klare Abgrenzung zwischen aktivem gestalten und (zufälliger?) Umgebung wird aufgehoben. Wenn ich mich durch die Welt bewege und beobachte, beschreibe, aufnehme sind die Grenzen auch nicht immer klar. Was kommt von mir und was kommt von außen? Aus welchen Gründen nehme ich etwas war, wo setze ich meine Prioritäten? Was lasse ich aus? Was ist es real? Der Raum ist da. Er und ich sind real, meine Worte sind es auch. Aber was liegt dazwischen?

Workshop: Queer Art?

At:  ArtGora Forum Riga ◼︎ 10.-12.04.2019

In this Queer Art Workshop we will be taking a look at the following topic: POCs*, Queers* and other people facing oppression have always been on the forefront of cultural movements. Oppression produces resistance and the oppressed have to be creative to find ways to survive. This creativity often results in brilliance, but due to a lack of resources, networks and a public voice, it can often only be acknowledged after it has been appropriated by members of the mainstream society.

How can we break this circle?

Do we want to break this circle?

Where would a shift in power relations actually leave us?

Seeing the turn that world politics is taking, we, the people who’ve been working towards and hoping for more equality for so long, need to stand united and strong. But how can we do that in a way that uplifts and includes ALL people? How can we decolonize art, culture, creative spaces as well as queer communities and society in general? How to deal with, accept and let go of appropriation? How to deal with anger, frustration, misunderstandings, hate and ignorance? And how can we use and acknowledge these experiences in our creative forms of expression and resistance?

TQU (www.transnational-queer-underground.net) has been a platform for queer art and activism since 2009 and wants to facilitate more discussion around these topics. As a first step #TheGalleryProject was initiated in 2016 and over 40 artists from four continents have shared their artwork on TQU as a result. Some of the artworks were also shown in five exhibitions in Europe over the following two years

In this workshop, Verena, the founder of TQU and #TheGalleryProject will introduce you to the history of queer resistance and art and we will then creatively explore these topics, our own experiences and find out how we can change things ourselves.