A discussion/conversation under the theme of unwrapping German identity at NY University Berlin. Three speakers are invited to talk about their own experience and expertise on different aspects on German identity. Topics likely to be discussed are:

  1. Who are you and what are your interests/background in relation to identity in Germany?
  2. What is Transnational Queer Underground? What are its central/core values?
  3.  How has LGBTQ+ identity evolved in Germany over the years? What is the current status of the community in respect to societal perception?
  4.  Berlin is often seen as a progressive haven for the LGBTQ community. Is this truly the case, and if so, how is the situation different in the rest of Germany? 
  5. How has the current rise in right-wing rhetoric and protectionism impacted the state of the LGBTQ community in Germany? Are they in a more vulnerable position today than before? 
  6. How is gender and gender fluidity perceived here? Do things such as German language having only 2 gender articles (er/sie) impact gender identity and expression? To what extent?
  7. What does the intersection between sexuality and race in Germany look like? How do migrants and people of colour struggle with different notions of gender identity, and how, if at all, has the recent rise in migration to Germany impacted the gender movements?
  8. How does art combine with the gender identity scene? What has been the role and impact of the art scene in better cultivating a base for gender identity? 

Date: 18.4.2019
At:  New York University Berlin

Cover picture by unsplash-logoNoah Buscher