Waterbear Mediadesign

Waterbear Mediadesign is my design company.

I design websites, brochures, flyers, etc. - pretty much whatever you need.

I enjoy my work and I'm good at it too.

Who do I work for?

Waterbear Mediadesign works primarily for small and large foundations, social institutions and non-profit associations, but also for individuals, artists, creatives of all sorts, collectives, freelancers of all professions and small businesses in Berlin and worldwide.


What is special about Waterbear Mediadesign?

The websites I offer are tailored to your individual needs. Through many years of experience workin in associations and NGOs , through my own political activism, work as a journalist and not least as a self-employed person, I’m familiar with the day-to-day processes of your work.

I know which requirements (linking, incorporating logos, creating flyers, information materials, …) are associated with receiving funding and also what it means to work with a limited budget. I know what it is like to open your own business and about the struggles of surviving as an artist .

I am not simply concerned with the creation of a website or advertising and informational materials, but with creating an appealing , contemporary and clear presentation of your wok online. So that you can use your website as a tool of empowerment that will open new oportunities for your life and business.



How does Waterbear Mediendesign work?

If you are interested in a new website, need a new logo, flyer, sticker, poster or something else – just get in touch!

I am happy to arrange a personal or online meeting, so I can gain some insight into your work and so that we can find out the best ways to implement your project. After that, I create a cost estimate in which the requirements and the services discussed are recorded in writing. If all of this suits you, you can place an order with me.

With WATERBEAR MEDIENDESIGN I offer web and media design for everyone. No matter if you are an individual (e.g. artists or self-employed), a project,  a shop, bar / café / restaurant, doctor or other health practitioner, a university, organization, association, magazine or smaller company. I can only take on a limited ammount of jobs per year though, so you should take a look around this website. If you like it here, I’m sure we will have a wonderful experience working together.

All websites I create work with a content management systems (CMS) such as WordPress. It is easy to use and offers you many options to update your new website independently, in order to save costs on the long term. Of course I will show you how everything works.

Through work, human beings earn for themselves and their families, make a difficult world habitable, and with imagination, create some meaning from what they do and how they do it.”

David Whyte


Small website
– small price!

Everyone should have the opportunity to present their own projects / work online. For this purpose, WATERBEAR MEDIENDESIGN offers a small and inexpensive website – without ongoing costs, responsive for all devices (cell phone, tablet, computer, ..) and easy to update if necessary.

queer, feminist and other anti discriminatory projects

It is important to me to support the equality of all people. That is why I offer web design for queer, feminist and anti-racist (self-) organizations and projects at a solidarity price or – depending on the scope – also completely free of charge. Ask me to learn more!

Language and accessibility

Languages ​​and accessibility are close to each other in web design, since both give more people access to your information. In addition to the technical implementation of accessible websites, WATERBEAR MEDIENDESIGN also provides all the necessary tools to present your website in more than one (national) language ​​/ dialect.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Of course, your new website should also be found by other people. All websites I created are search engine friendly. In addition, I’m happy to advise you on further optimization options.

Social Networks

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and more. I integrate your existing social network accounts into your website, register your project with relevant social networks or set up your blog so that new posts are automatically published on your social networks.

plugins and other extensions for your website

You would like to have a webshop? You publish a magazine and want to go online with it?

I will set up a shop for you or help you to implement your online magazine. Donation buttons, email newsletters, calendars, etc. – we can find a solution for every challenge.


WATERBEAR MEDIENDESIGN can also commission professional photographs of your premises, your team, special events or your everyday work. With great pictures, your website immediately invites customers and gives potential customers a better impression of your work. Insightful pictures create a lot of trust!

Products for print

I design all types of print products; business cards, stationery, flyers or other advertising materials. On request, I would also be happy to provide tips on where to find feminist printing houses, or where printing can be particularly cheap or environmentally friendly.

Logo Design

You have your own shop, a business idea, you are self-employed or you want to expand your business and customer base? Are you still missing a logo? No problem, I will also design your new logo for you!

Trainings and Workshops

WATERBEAR MEDIENDESIGN offers training courses on topics such as: introduction to the use of CMS (content management systems), introduction to social networks, accessibility on the internet, etc. on.

sample prices

Together we can make things work