Hello, I'm Verena

This website is just starting to grow into its existence. It’s an installation – carefully selected pieces of the past and thoughts about the future, attempts of showing reality and fiction; art.

I am looking for ways to contribute in friendly and respectful ways, so that we can all do our best to create more equality and actual freedom. Or wonder together what that means and what that could look like.

Parts of this website are in German only. Please ask if there’s anything that you don’t understand and would like to know more about.

what are you looking for? just come on in

I work visually. I speak and write. I feel, think, ask (myself and others) and explore. I enjoy creating spaces where we can do all or some of these things collectively.


Lola Magazine: Local Hero

Lola Magazine: Local Hero

Lola Magazine: Verena Spilker On Elevating Opportunities for Artists in Berlin and BeyondVerena Spilker On Elevating Opportunities for Artists in Berlin and Beyond The TQU founder's simple advice for those looking to support Berlin's queer artists: ‘Be brave and be...

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Sieggessäule: Stirn Bieten

Sieggessäule: Stirn Bieten

"Ich habe mich erniedrigt und hilflos geführt", erzählt die Aktivistin Verena Spilker, als sie, eine lesbische Frau, auf der Straße mal wieder von einem cis Heteromann sexuell belästigt wurde. about Siegessäule Magazin: Juni 2018 U-Bahn, Parks, nächtliche Straßen –...

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I’m currently preparing a podcast about freedom: Finding Freedom – Explorations into Personal and Communal Liberation. It’s exciting.


The blog is full of photos, places, events and other wonderful things to explore, taste, feel, see and try out. Come on in and take a look around.

Past Projects

For 16 years I had a weekly radio show called balm&creak. I’ve also published three issues of MOM – Make Out Magazine together with some friends. And I’m the founder and main person behind Transnational Queer Underground.

Web and media design

with love and experience

waterbear mediadesign

Waterbear Mediadesign is my design company. I design websites, brochures, flyers, etc – pretty much whatever you need.

I enjoy my work and I’m good at it too. Please see my services, portfolio and prices for more information.

If you like it here on this website, we will probably get along very well and it would be my pleasure to work for you.

Every year I offer to make a few websites for free for smaller groups, collectives or organizations that don’t have the means to pay for a website, but work for a good cause. Please do not be shy to get in touch if that’s you.


I always loved drawing. After graduating from High School I thought long and hard wether I should study art or go into the humanities. I decided to go for an MA in Cultural Anthropology, Politics and Russian (you could do that in Germany at the time). You might notice these interest when reading through the blog ;).

So visual arts moved a bit into the background during my University years and after, while music became more and more important in my life the whole time. Two years ago I got back in touch with visual arts by curating a transnational exhibition series. In the fall of 2018 I took up drawing again. In June 2019 I opend my first exhibition.

In my shop you can buy some of my drawings and prints.